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Chinese Instruments Music Class

Whether to learn music for leisure or for grading purposes, our professional instructors are there to cater and customise the music lessons for you. 

Weekly Classes

Level 1 (Grade 1 - 4): $233.40 per month

Level 2 (Grade 5 - 9): $310.80 per month

45 mins per lesson

* No make up lessons if students misses the class.


Instruments available: Erhu, Pipa, Guzheng, Ruan, Dizi


Students are highly recommended to purchase instruments for the classes. Our instructors can recommend suitable grade of instruments for the class. Students will also need to bear material costs for the lessons.

New members are required to pay additional $14.30 for registration.

erhu house of music
dizi house of music
ruan house of music
guzheng hosue of music

Flexible Schedule classes are also available. Please click here for more information. 

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