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About DoReFaSoLah

There are three things Kailin Yong likes to do: he likes to connect, create and cross boundaries.
DoReFaSoLah (三交久留) is Kailin's latest project with a couple of new friends from the Chinese orchestra world: Indra Chen (guzheng) and Tan Qinglun (
dizi and xiao).


The trio came together for the first time to play and record music for Flamenco Sin Fronteras' upcoming production, The Elements, where Kailin is the music director. After their first session, he was blown away by his two talented and open-minded new friends that he decided to create a platform for the trio to work more together.


As a kid, Kailin grew up listening to both his parents play the same two instruments that Indra and Qinglun specialize in; but the beautiful synchronicity extends beyond the instrumentation of this unique project. 


Similar to Kailin, Qinglun plays a substantial role in pushing the sonic and cultural boundaries of his instrument locally, earning him accolades from local media --Straits Times "30 Rising Stars under 30" in the arts, entertainment and lifestyle scene. QingLun is the Festival Director for the Singapore Dizi Festival and currently serves as a council member in the Singapore Chinese Music Federation. He is also a faculty member of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts' School of Young Talent and the creative director of House Of Music.


Since graduating from Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts, Indra has been a strong advocate for redefining the cultural and musical role of the guzheng, often crossing over into the pop, jazz and experimental realms. She has won numerous awards in local and international competitions and is currently pursuing a diploma in Piano performance.


DoReFaSoLah's music is a colorful blend of traditional Chinese melodies supported by rich harmonies and imaginative improvisation. Their original songs are inspired by their exploration of different folk traditions and their collective vision to create a uniquely Singapore sound.



Coming soon!
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